Hellen Nabatanzi

Hellen jobbar som fotograf och korrespondent för G2G i Uganda. Ki kati betyder “Hej” på Luganda. Det är också vad vi har valt att döpa vår serie där Hellen träffar kvinnorna i vårt kooperativ.

"I met one woman who really inspired me. Her name was Sarah."

My name is Hellen Nabatanzi. I photograph in Uganda for Guide2Give.

"Tell us about your first experience with the organisation?" 
My meeting with Diana at G2G was like a blessing. I was inspired, motivated, loved and it made me feel I had a lot to share with the world according to my life experience. It gave me a chance to talk to these women and a feel for why I’m living. She allowed me to express myself and show them it was not the end of the world. I felt strong.

"What was the most inspiring meeting?" 
I met one woman who really inspired me. Her name was Sarah. We were told that she makes four baskets in two days. It was amazing because she is a mother of three and expecting her fourth child in 2 months. Her man ran away so she’s a single mother and that’s why she had to put more effort on what she was doing, so she could put food on the table for her kids. She is so hard working and in desperate need of help. We all cried alot that day… Can you imagine, it’s so sad. We encouraged her to keep on the smile because it’s the only way to give her kids hope and growth. We also agreed on finding a home for her and we got her some groceries from the store.

I’m planning on meeting her next week and I’m bringing some baby clothes for the awaiting baby.

"What’s your biggest dream or goal?" 
My biggest dream is to have a big studio with professional cameras, owning a big farm and help my fellow women to achieve their goals.